Finding your tribe: Why it's so important.

Last week I attended a breakfast seminar. I had to juggle child care and navigate getting dressed up in work clothes on a non work day. My husband had encouraged me to go, so go I did. I walked into the room, and found a group of people milling about waiting for the session to start. I saw an old friend who greeted me warmly and introduced me to some of her circle. The session started, and I could feel the alignment and pull for me to join this group. It felt sort of magical.

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After many years of false starts, and unexpected twists, it does really feel that right now I am on my right path.  As corny as it sounds, it feels like home.  As my co-participants and I went through a series of exercises together, and shared some of our answers. The structure and thinking of those that had been before me, was inspiring. The laying out of paths in front of me made my heart lift with hope.

Hope for what I could create. Happiness for having found people to share my journey with.

Being as I am, I’ve reflected over the past week about that very uplifting experience. I’ve realised that there’s a couple of things in play for me, that might resonate for you. You might also be here, or nearby. I’d love to hear your story.

Here’s my thoughts on finding your/my way ‘home’ to your tribe:

1.     Do what makes your heart sing. For me that’s being with my husband family, my work and my friends. I invest heavily in these spaces. Your spaces might look different, and that’s cool, to be expected even. Just make sure you invest where it feels needed and good (sometimes two totally different things!).

2.     Don’t expect to have it all figured out right now. I’ve always thought of myself as a late bloomer, and perhaps that is true. Certainly my 30’s have been surprisingly packed with deep personal growth and learning. My friends in their 50’s often tell me that they are still on an epic path of growth. That sounds pretty exciting to me.

3.    Don’t stop until you find your people. When I first started studying psychology way back at the end of 2009, I was shocked to realise that these were my people. I’d been looking for them everywhere. Now I’d found them, my tribe. This has only expanded over the past 8 years as I search out people that stretch and grow me, that have both uncommon and common interests.

How is life on your journey?