Got a lot on? Me too. Here's how to stay cool when life is busy

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Like you, I'm in a particularly busy season right now, with an end in sight, but not until June. Goodness.

I'm juggling travel for work, childcare, kinder, school holidays, the demands that come with consulting, being a parent/spouse/friend, some 'me' time(!), and some other larger than normal extra curricular activities. 

Here's the strategies I'm using to stay centered, whilst keeping one eye out for flying missiles (things that I haven't yet gotten to on my to do list).

  1. Hug it out - wrap your arms around someone you love and intentionally stay there for 20 seconds. Release and repeat. Do it until you feel better. Won't be long!
  2. Get some shuteye - seriously. When you are busy, make sure you don't let your sleep deficit get too large. When we are tired, we are not our best selves, and it can often lead to a ripple effect that doesn't play out in our favour!
  3. Look up - when you are outside, look up at the sky. Our brains/bodies LOVE this. It sets off a complex chain of biological processes that result in us feeling better. Promise.
  4. Celebrate success - no matter how small. Get those positives out each night before sleep and high five yourself. 

How do you support yourself when you are busy?