When you need a new book. Not a new chapter.

I sat down to write this morning, for the first time in a couple of weeks, I know.

I wanted to start planning out new content for an exciting project I have coming up, and as I walked to my favourite coffee shop to write, I realised that I was in the market for a brand new vessel. (Side note: What does one call a book that looks like a journal, but is in fact a work book, but is more creative than a work book?). I had just settled in and ordered a chai when I realised my head was in the clouds and I had walked past 3 vendors and no new book. Oh well, I thought, I'll just get some blogging done.

Turns out the need for a new book was too great. I needed that fresh slate, and I needed it now. I found one a few doors up, and felt a profound relief. It was a weird feeling. What was this?

And then I knew. This was a metaphoric turned real life fresh start. And I need one.

I'm mid process of deconstructing and reconstructing. Of knock down and redesign, then build. Building with thoughtful new materials in a way that most suits me and my (wonderful) life.  There seems like there is nothing off limits during this introspection, nothing that isn't being examined, sifted through. The goodness taken out, and the memories integrated. Then the remnants that are range from neutral to horrible, I am simply setting down. It's time to put down the suitcases holding a life time of baggage, and say, no more. It is time for a fresh start. It is time for a new book. Not just a new chapter.

And that's why I needed a new vessel/journal/workbook today. Today is Day 0.

Has this ever happened to you?