We get knocked down (but we get up again)

Ahh life. I worked with over 75 leaders this week, across 4 sessions, and two different companies, in different industries. Vastly different, and yet overwhelmingly the same.

Pic: Flat Icon We get knocked down, but we get up again :-)

Pic: Flat Icon

We get knocked down, but we get up again :-)

The work that I have been doing covers topics and ideas that work for people not just for company's or for roles in company's. Debriefing this week a common theme popped out. All of us are dealing with failure, fear of failure and/or near failure more than ever before. It seems to be that we are in that 'crunch' time. Seemingly a life stage. Where we are stretching and growing at an exponential rate. No longer are we simply testing our wings or dipping our toes in. More and more often it feels like we are all in, sink or swim, in over our head. And yes, this is uncomfortable. Deeply uncomfortable even. This is the learning zone. Where we aren't quite sure we are going to be successful. Where success is not as clear cut as it used to be. Where A+B have always resulted in equaling C. Now even the basic equation causes us to stop and think and wonder. A+B=?

I've laughed, a lot this week. I've been stretched - hard - this week. I've pushed and pulled and sunk into this week. I have wondered this week if there is an alternative pathway that will work. Because of the work that I do, I know that you are also likely to have felt versions of these feelings this week.

We are in the greatest stretch target of our lives, so far. Most of us are spending more time than ever before in the learning zone (as opposed to the comfort zone) - a destination that is uncomfortable, and by very nature of it's definition has the threat of not working out. And yet, this is where the greatest rewards are. We know that. But on Friday nights, it's a good time to stop and give yourself a virtual high five. We are living the best years of our lives, so they say. It's hard and stretchy and uncomfortable. Yet I wouldn't change it.

We get knocked down, but we get up again.

Onwards - to the weekend and lots of rest and rejuvenation. See you Monday :-)