Going through a rough patch? This idea could help reduce your discomfort.

We all go through rough patches. Some more intense and longer than others. If this is you or someone you love, then you might feel as though there are times in your day when you feel upset, triggered, distressed, angry, fearful or under attack/threat. It can be unnerving when these moments happen when we aren't ready or don't know they are coming. It can make us feel even more vulnerable/out of control/small. For example if someone mentions the name of the person or event inadvertently, which reminds us of something that we are actively working through, or feeling upset about. This can trigger a downward spiral of thoughts, feelings and emotions and can derail us quite quickly.

You put yourself in discomfort on purpose that morning and it passed. You can be in discomfort now, and remember that it passes.

So, what if you could feel more prepared for those moments, and be able to recognise the feeling and stay centered or at least return to center more easily? Here is an idea that may help.

I want you to purposefully put yourself in a physically (not emotionally) uncomfortable place every day. For many, it can be as simple as getting out of bed when the alarm goes off, putting on your walking shoes and moving your body. It's cold and dark and that's uncomfortable - but when you finish that walk you feel good from the endorphins and sense of accomplishment. Not to mention watching the sun come up, that's magical no matter what.

Take your friend(s) with you to keep you company

Take your friend(s) with you to keep you company

You might think, well sure, I've heard that exercise idea a million times, what's so important about this. Here is the kicker, the most important piece of this idea. When you experience something uncomfortable in your body that you orchestrated (i.e. getting out of bed in the dark cold morning to go for a walk) and you successfully make it through to the end of that discomfort (i.e. the sunrise/end of the walk) then you have overcome discomfort in your body on purpose.

Later - during the day when you inadvertently remember your pain/problem/issue and are triggered into discomfort in your body, you can remind yourself 'oh i recognise this feeling, and I remember that it passes'. Simple yes. But one that gives you back a feeling of control and power, important when you are vulnerable.

To recap, you put yourself purposefully in physical discomfort through exercise (for example) and the discomfort passed. Therefore, you can be in emotional discomfort during the day, and remember that it too, will pass.

Nothing is easy when you are going through a hard time, but tips and tricks like these can help you feel more powerful and in control than you might normally do.

How do you support yourself to feel more comfortable when you are uncomfortable?


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