What your sons need from you (daughters too). A collaboration with Understanding Boys

Hi friends,

Happy Holidays! Happy Summer for my Southern Hemisphere friends. Whew it's a hot one today. So before I head off to dip my feet into the sea, I'm checking in to link you to an article I wrote for Understanding Boys. It was published on the 22nd of December, so I'm a bit late, but I know you won't mind. It's been shared 130 times and been liked over 500. So it's a goody.

Megan Tuohey-40.jpg

Also - I wanted to celebrate another milestone I had with the Understanding Boys website, which you can read here. This post reached 72,000 people via Facebook, gained 517 likes and ‘loves’ and was shared 119 times. The comments were very positive too, with lots of tagging. Google Analytics revealed that my post had around 14,000 page views, which is well above average (around double) for the Understanding Boys website. It's a lovely example for me of exactly what Project Strength encompasses. It's good food for thought as I make my way into the new world for me and my business for 2018.

Wishing you a cool summer and see you soon with an update on what I've been working on behind the scenes,