One-on-one services for couples who need counselling.

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Couples tend to only seek therapy when in full blown crisis. Research from The Gottman Institute demonstrates the couple's relationship has been in decline for 5 years prior to seeking help. It is often the very last option prior to separation and/or divorce. The general model of couples therapy is an hour a week, aimed at couples in crisis. Couples participate in this program until the crisis resolves, usually for around 6 months. 

Megan uses the Gottman Methodology, an approach to couples therapy that includes a thorough assessment of the couples relationship through a series of evidence based assessments prior to setting goals as a couple. Then she works with each couple to unpack their areas of conflict and finally uses evidence-based interventions utilising the work from the Sound Relationship House Theory.

Megan will work with you as a couple in an intensive way.

This requires 5 hours of 1:1 contact in the first week, and then settles into 2 hours per week until the conflicts have been resolved. After this time, contact drops back into an hour a week as we build out the new skills and knowledge required to have a sound relationship house. 

Megan is a registered psychologist currently completing advanced training through the Gottman Institute, which will enable her to be an internationally accredited therapist for couples.

Email Megan to set up a consultation to discuss whether this therapy is right for you and your relationship: or to see her availability, click to book and appointment below.